Close to our clients to evaluate, develop and accompany, by adapting to their needs

Strategy and Business Development

Evaluate and develop the business portfolio: customer / product mix, competitive analysis, launch of new products, margin analysis, technology watch (blockchain, IA).

Which product for which client?

Profitability assessment. Where should resources be deployed?

« Proof of concept » projects, technology watch

CIB treasury management

Refinancing and ALM strategies, liquidity ratios optimisation (LCR), transfer pricing policies between profit centres

What is the cost of the addressable liquidity?

Do profit centres properly incorporate liquidity costs?

Where should resources be allocated?

Corporate treasury: what’s the right risk / return equilibrium?

Risk assessment (credit, secured funding etc) Implementation of multi-currency funding, banking risk assessment

What are the hidden costs in a post-2008 treasury environment?

What opportunities in a multi-currency mix?

Stock Lending/Borrowing, Repo: how to monetize an inventory

Inventory management and optimisation, opportunity detection and assessment, implementation of an internal/external solution

How to improve returns from asset management?

How to monetise a HQLA inventory?

How to implement the SFTR directive ?

Risks : evaluate, measure, hedge

Market and operational risks, other risks (reglementary, fiscal, commercial)

Are all trading risks properly accounted for?

Are risk limits properly dimensioned?

Is return on equity up to expectations?

Operations: securing front-to-back STP

Assessment of existing channels (stocks, derivatives, OTC…), front/middle/back governance

Is automation sufficient?

Resource allocation for higher operational efficiency