Startups and Fintechs

Strategic studies and business development tasks. Assessment of all operational issues and implementation of solutions suited to young businesses

Institutional clients

Strategic studies in response to innovations such as blockchain or artificial intelligence. Management of operational or regulatory projects, and feasibility studies for new products or services


Enhancement or transformation of all front-to-back operational processes. Implementation of best practice: information systems, regulatory monitoring, risk and ethics


AIR SQUARE LAB: 75 years of experience in capital market

Air Square Lab is a company of financial services specialists.

It was founded in 2018 by capital market professionals Stéphane Reverre, Charles Reverchon and François Levoir, each with over 25 years’ international experience working in operational and managerial roles for the CIB divisions of major banks.

We carry out market research, strategic or operational tasks for our clients and identify concrete transformation strategies that take into account all IT, regulatory, financial, risk and governance aspects

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Examples of our work

Our core belief: Innovation is a major challenge for large financial institutions if they wish to avoid competition from more flexible startups that are continually developing new business models


Evaluation and development of business portfolios:

reviewing client/product mix; competitive analysis; launching new products; innovation (blockchain, AI)

Treasury management:

financing and refinancing strategies; LCR optimisation; segment ALM reviews

Corporate treasury


reviewing risk (credit, collateralised solutions, etc.); setting up multi-currency management; assessing banking risks

Support for deployment:

Drawing up specifications; managing projects and calls for tenders; reviewing costs (outsourcing, on site)

Inventory monetisation:

managing and optimising inventories; auditing and opportunity analysis; roll-out of internal/external solutions

Assessment, measurement and hedging: 

market, operational risks; other risks (regulatory, tax, commercial)


Securing front-to-back processes:

Audit of current situation (listed/OTC derivatives, securities, etc.);

governance of front, middle and back office;

review of costs

Better training to improve efficiency:

Change management;

Formalisation of best practice

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Air Square Lab aims to provide a link between startups and fintechs whose flexibility and dynamism enables them to create disruptive business models in existing services and established companies looking for technological innovations that can enhance relations with their clients or employees.

If you have any questions or would like some more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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Charles Reverchon:

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