Air Square Lab firmly believes that while the key success factors are usually linked to financial indicators,
its long-term success depends on three values:

Flexibility, Transparency and Performance

Case studies

LGO Markets is a New York-based startup offering a digital asset trading platform for institutional investors. Air Square Lab helped CEO Hugo Renaudin to design and implement an operational setup and to seek out strategic partnerships in Europe. LGO Markets was able to leverage our expertise in the world of traditional assets and adapt it to cryptocurrencies in areas as diverse as order-book dynamics, institutional-grade front-to-back STP, relations with supervisory authorities (AMF, ACPR), regulatory aspects, risk and compliance.

Qube RT is a hedge fund spin-off from the proprietary trading activities of Crédit Suisse. Air Square Lab worked with CEO Pierre-Yves Morlat and COO Richard Paolantonacci to create and implement an operational setup to trade cryptoassets. Our job was to identify the risks and opportunities associated with such assets and to establish best practices, from ranking and pre-selecting exchanges, to evaluating self- or external-custody alternatives (hardware wallets, multi-signature, cold storage), or assessing hacking or credit risk.


Finadium is a consultancy firm that specialises in interbank financing (repos, securities borrowing/lending, etc.). Finadium provides its clients with high-quality independent research that enables them to monitor regulatory and operational developments in their domestic market and internationally. Finadium asked Air Square Lab to carry out a survey on the status of Delta One in Europe. When conducting the survey, we spoke to all European CIBs to see how they perceived the industry, its challenges and opportunities. The report, which was published in January 2019, can be purchased from Finadium

CRDEXIM is a Paris-based SME that produces research reports on export risks for large domestic and international credit insurers. The company was founded in 2008 by a former Coface employee, who was ready to explore a sale and began to look for a buyer. Air Square Lab acted as a liaison between the seller and a group of private investors we identified. The talks quickly evolved into negotiations, and the deal was closed on 12/31/18.


Air Square Lab aims to bridge these two worlds: that of startups and fintechs who, through their agility and dynamism, use technology to propose disruptive models in existing services, and that of institutional companies that seek to enrich their relationships with their customers or their own employees through technological change